Firearm, ammo, and retail sales:

Now keep in mind we are a small town small gunshop, inventory will be limited in store for the first few months. Be patient with us, as good things usually don't happen overnight. 

However, we do have access to hundreds of thousands of products through our distributors online,  so simply calling in before you visit and asking about what you're looking for could result in a custom order, there the next day, at a lower price than you might have expected!

Layaway plans are also available!!

We buy Guns!-

Bring them on in and we'll see what we can do! All purchases will be payed out Via check.


We'll sell your guns for you! Our consignment agreement is competitive with even the biggest gun shops!


We also do trades here at CCF, bring in your gun and any accessories you'd like to put towards a trade.

FFL Transfers-
A 4473 background check is required on all FFL transfers at the time of pickup. Our fee is $25

​It is the same if you'd like to transfer a gun somewhere else $50+Shipping and Handling.

Guided hunts:

CCF also offers guided Hog Dog Hunts! We have permission to hunt on 25,000+Acres of land all across south Texas. We use dogs and knives to take down one of the most aggressive and destructive game animals in Texas. We guarantee we're more reasonably priced than anyone else in Texas, we just love to run dogs! Stalk hunts or custom hunts are also available upon request.

Interested? Call the shop and ask about the details/availability.

We also offer:

-Guided Predator hunts (Coyotes, Bobcats, Foxes, Mountain Lion)

-Day/Night Stalk and shoot hunts for wild Hogs

-Guided Jackrabbit hunts (Trust me it's a blast)


Tel: +1 830-931-7370

209 South Teel Drive, devine, texas 78016 US

Calame Custom Firearms

Gunsmithing/Gun Repair

All too often you see it, a gun thats been in the family for decades, but is now sitting broken in the back of a safe or closet collecting dust until its inevitable trip to the dump.  Usually because of a $10 part, or because a family member took it apart farther than they should have and couldn't figure out how to put it back together!

No worries! Here at CCF we love old broken guns. We love the character and the stories that go along with them. Because of who held them before you and passed them on, these guns are invaluable relics of our tradition and heritage. Sometimes an old 22 your dad or grandad gave you can hold more value to you than a house! We love that about guns and we don't want to see that go away! 

Bring your old busted guns in and we'll do our best to repair and restore them to their former glory so that the traditions and stories can be passed on for many more generations to come! 

Most gunsmiths charge some hefty fees and we believe thats why these old guns stay in the shadows, hopefully our $35 bench fee can bring them back into the light! We charge the bench fee to do a full breakdown cleaning and Preventive Maintenance Inspection. We'll clean it up and diagnose what's wrong, research parts/costs etc. then we'll call you with the quote and if it's within your price range move forward!

If we run into an issue with availability of parts or if we find a safety issue with the gun, we can get it restored to a point to where you can proudly hang it on the wall and pass on those stories to all that marvels at it! Glass display cases and custom plaques are also an option.

​Don't let a piece of American history and family heritage fade into the darkness of time, bring it in to Calame Custom Firearms!